Thursday, 18 October 2012

ITI mail: Michael Yulo

It took a little while, but I excitingly got a letter from the International Typewriter Initiative.

I find people's life stories fascinating - and Michael from 'Typewriter a day keeps the doctor away' seems to have had a somewhat interesting life. He's only briefly touched on it in this email, but I reckon he's got a lot of fascinating tales to tell.

I've asked Michael if it is alright to post up his letter, and he seemed more than happy for me to do so. I hope you enjoy Michael's lovely introductory letter.

As usual, click letters to enlarge the scans.  

Thanks a heap Michael! And a letter in reply is already on its way back to you. 

I wonder who I'll hear from next.... 


  1. Holy fuck I just read it for the first time and man talk about scatterbrained! Sorry for that dizzying nearly incomprehensible garble gurgle gobble.
    I admit I didn't do it all in one sitting. It's been challenging to find time to dedicate solely to one thing such as letter writing.
    I'll write you a better one soon!

    1. Mate, don't be so hard on yourself! This wasn't a letter to your publisher. I enjoyed reading it. It was great. Thank you!

  2. Hey Scott! I've received your letter. May I post it? Of course I have but one reader :D Yours is in progress. I hope to send it off soon.