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I can't hang onto every typewriter I have, and there comes a point where I realise some of these wonderful machines just don't fit in my collection anymore. Like all collectors and users, over time I have become more focused on what I love, and what I want to collect.

All of these machines have been in my collection for a while, and have enjoyed my detailed attention to restoring them back to their former glory. Each one of them is a classic in its own right, but their time in my possession has passed and they now need to find new loving homes.

Please contact me if you are interested, with the contact form at the side of this page.

Remington Travel-riter deluxe.                           Excellent condition. 

This machine is a beautiful solid steel machine that feels like it could take a bullet, and keep on typing without missing a beat. The typewriter is serviced and ready to dance with its replacement rubber shoes. Considering its age, it is in amazing condition. 

It comes complete with the case shown in the photo. 

Adler Gabriele 25 with Senatorial typeface.              Very good condition.

This has been a great little typewriter that has an incredibly smooth mechanism. The carriage just glides, and the keys have a firm but precise feel as they rush to the page. This typewriter was voted best of its class in Choice magazine at the time, and it isn't hard to see why.

The Senatorial typeface is elegant and highly readable.

The typewriter comes with its own case.


  1. What a beautiful machine is that Adler Gab.25 The last great studio portable made, it easily surpasses all other modern makes in its ease of operation and its user friendly aspects to both the operator and the service technician. I will even say, far,far better than the Olympia SM series!.
    (Runs behind rock and puts on tin helmet).....

  2. Is it still available for sale? If yes, I am interested. Please let me know the price.