Filthy Labs

Greetings from the Filthy Labs. Here is my catalogue of experiments done in the name of science, and for the love of fixing old and dying typewriters. 

Cleaning of the Gossen Tippa
A clean typewriter is a happy typewriter. 

Improvised repairs on my Noiseless typewriter's spring drum.
Hey now, hey now, my noiseless is back. 

Experiments with PTFE lubrication
Oils aint oils.
PTFE n' That.
The PTFE conclusion

Blacklight reading a typewriter's forensic history
The Russians secret

Re-shaping rollers with boiling hot water
Politics and fixing the Bijou

Attempting to re-position bearings in my Valentine typewriter.
A hate letter to my Valentine

I attempt my first 'dunking' of a typewriter in a bath of water
Dunking and drying, did it work?

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