The Junkyard

Greetings typewriter lovers, writers and repairers.

This is a catalogue of parts machines that I have on hand.

If you feel you are needing a part from one of these machines, email me to see if one is available still.  These machines are incomplete and dysfunctional, so not everything will be available or usable.

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Hermes Baby.
60's tin metal body style

Hermes 3000
70's plastic body style - hungarian make. Most parts compatible with earlier versions
Bone and white colour.

Royal P (portable)
Second generation of the Royal P.
Blue Crocodile paint (finish is not in great condition)

Adler Favorit 2 
Originally donated for parts by Rob Messenger.

Smith Premier 10A.
Originally owned by Steve Snow, who took a couple of parts.

Lamir De Luxe 
Very dirty. Some shell parts have rust.

Remington Mk II
Bone & White colour.

Olivetti Dora
Slate grey.

Groma Kolibri
First version
Fluro Green

Gossen Tippa 
First generation
Once was red.

Royal 5 (flatbed) 
Enamel keytops.


  1. Scott, you can add from me several Nakajima portables. I have promised you spare parts Kolibris and Gossen Tippas, and John an early Remington portable. There are dozens of other models in the shed, which i will need to sort through before coming up to Queensland. I know there is a Rheinmetall portable (early model). I'm still toying with what to do with the Royal Diana, one boot is going to Erik. Also spare parts Olivetti Studio 44 and Letteras 22 and 32. Also Hermes Baby and Olympia Splendid. The list really does go, but i am keen to contribute here.

    1. Don't destroy anything that is repairable! If there's anything you wish for me to transport back to Queensland, I'll be in Canberra later this month.

    2. If the boot molds work out, I can forward the Diana feet Robert sent. I'm hoping to give it a go in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, health has kept me from doing much in the way of physical work lately.

  2. I am interested in the case for the Hungarian Hermes, thanks...John

  3. Hi. I'm interested in the Hermes Baby keys only. Would you sell them? Please, let me know. Thanks! Paloma

  4. I know you don't have one, but if you come across an Underwood 4 bank portable, I have a few parts I'm needing. Thanks!