Monday 6 May 2013

Translation please.

Are you German? Have you been driving in circles Autobahn in boredom?
Russian, and drinking away your despair with Vodka? 
French, and wasting your days staring at that awful countryside while painting it? 

Well! Drive, despair and stare no more!
The Filthy Platen now has Google Translate™! 

Alright, so Google translate is nothing new. A few other blogs already have widgets for it, and I felt it was about time that TFP got it too.

Behind the scenes there's been a bit of discussion lately between the old typewriter guard, and the young whipper-snapper typosphere. A common theme in this discussion has been the language barrier, as many of the older collectors are located in Europe.
So I felt it was time to take Google's great little translation app and attach it to my lovely little blog. As you can see, it is up the top right hand side there. Just a word of warning - it doesn't translate my typecasts...
... yet.
 Viva la Filthy Platen!


  1. Does it translate into English?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your note Steve...The cataloguing would be a massive job physically and I will have to figure how to create some free space for lifting machines up and putting machines down. And I was thinking that we would be crazy to waste all that effort and not return the typewriters back into some systematic order. Definitely food for thought there.

  3. It could do with a Queen's English option.

  4. Hi Scott, I slaved over an Underwood that had seized up with the dreaded rust but I won in the end...However the Barlock also put up a fight, again rust was a culprit and again the good guys won...I found some new feet for it and amazingly four screws to fit, just unbelievable.
    The Underwood is a model 5, circa 1929 and I am particularly pleased with how it all came to- gether. A lot of memories came flooding back. Like some things you do and some things that are best avoided! My next job will be something easy like an Olivetti Dora.... Will contact you soon. By the way, I need two ribbon spools for that Barlock, they are unusual.. Cheers.

    1. Really? I'll see if I can find some. Interesting....

      Easy like a Dora hey?

      Great to see you got some feet on that machine though.

  5. This "discussion thing" is going to bring a lot of new ideas to the typosphere! Good job!

    I personally use Chromium for translating blogs to English. But... unfortunately it doesn't do well with scanned typecasts.

    1. Interesting. I wonder if there are any OCR facilities that could typecast to text automatically for a blog.