Friday, 17 January 2014

Part 2 - The Dubbo wildlife.

Let us in! Let us in! 

Oh, Hi! Would you like to check out my horn? 

Come a little closer.... 

A meerkat keeping sentry on top of a log.

Crickets are my favourite! How did you know? 

It's too damn hot! 

"Harold, don't look now but I think there's a human watching us"...

Nom nom nom nom nom..... Mmmmmmm... Can I have some more?

Mother and calf

The grumpy father. 

Feeding time.

36C = 96.8F

Me..... ow....... uuuuhhhhh it's hot. 

39C = 102.2F
Leave me alone, can't you see I'm sleeping? 

Black and white is in this season, don't you know?

Nothing like cooling off in a mud bath. 

42C = 107.6F

The back of Dubbo RSL, as Google Would have it. It takes up the entire block. 

The view from the disused bar, in one of the smaller rooms. 


  1. The human zoo at the RSL sounds not that different from the animal zoo - escape the heat, grab a bite to eat, keep your seat.

  2. Haha, I can so relate to being the covers band piping out Johny Cash to the bored masses! No Garth Brooks or Lee Kerneghan, but some Pete Murray and Cold Chisel to boot... Oh sweet Dubbo where have you been all my life?

    1. Well, it pays the bills. And in this case, the guy can boast that he played to thousands.
      Maybe you should play there sometime! Just make sure you get a gig on raffle night.

  3. Zoos for animals and zoos for people - an apt comparison.

    This side of the planet we have Indian Casinos that serve the same basic purpose as it seems the RSL's do - wholesale seperation of money from people by means of blinky lights and an appeal to greed. :P

    You and Ms. Jane should hit a few strange op shops when you're in a strange town. Sounds like that'd be more fun (:

    1. It is probably of no surprise to you, but I actually had a list of all the op shops and second hand places in Dubbo before I got there, with the intention of hitting the shops after the Zoo to check them out. Sadly, most of them were closed by Saturday afternoon, and the heat was far too much for any sane person anyway.

      I'm glad people have picked up on the parallels that I've drawn here.

  4. Those temperatures are like the South Western United States in the summer. Still more comfortable than Florida at 32C (90F). The humidity here is a killer. I actually enjoy Arizona and New Mexico in the summer even though temperatures exceed 100F during the day.

    Thanks for the remote visit to the zoo. Those animals are quite enjoyable.

    I admire your determination in the crowds when it came time for dinner. Perhaps the crowds were more entertaining than the animals in the zoo.

    1. I'd imagine it would be like that there. I have often heard about the New Mexico climate, and thought it was very much like the southern regions of Australia. And what you said about Florida, is very similar to the situation here in Queensland, although it is just a few degrees higher in temperature here. I largely swelter every day in the high humidity.
      I do find people watching quite interesting, and a crowd like this offers a lot of fascinating events to observe. Although there comes a point where your presence often influences what is happening around you, and you become part of the mass worth observing.

  5. Gotta love the meerkats. Very cute!

    Hope you and the other animals will get through the blistering heat all right.

    1. They really are beautiful animals. The children's hospital in Victoria has an enclosure full of them, to keep the kids entertained.

      And thanks... We are all surviving quite well here!