Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Brutal Road

The following typecasts were written ad-hoc in my hotel room or on the roadside. Sure, they're full of errors and dodgy use of the english language, but they are what they are. 'Its and it's'... it's all the same right? 

 Just after sunset on the road out of the town of Morven. 

Still was lush and green just outside Toowoomba. 

I stopped at Morven to take a few photos just as the sun was setting. This is a rail cleaner, which is used to re-align the rail tracks and clean them. This is one of a couple that travel for thousands of kilometres around Queensland rail-network. 

Hotel room, sweet hotel room. 

Cow cocky and roadside fashion at its best. 

I turned up the TV so my typing didn't sound so invasive. 

Coming up next..... Roadside typecasting. 


  1. Thank you for the insights of your journey. Your typing is not bad as you stated. Compared to mine (especially if I am tired) yours is nice and neat. It sure is nice to be able to take a typewriter along on travels and get the time to use it.

    1. Actually, I loved it. I'll do it again.

      Some of the other written stuff is better. I was still very tired when I wrote this. This was just the first part of the trip, and I didn't get into any rhythm.

  2. Good typecasts and a great glimpse into spots I've never been.

    I hate driving sleepy -- I nearly killed myself and my wife once under those conditions -- but haven't had to deal with squads of kangaroos!

    I look forward to more.

  3. So wait...kangaroos just jump out in front of passing vehicles? Like deer do here? Nuts! I have, obviously, never visited your neck of the woods, but you make something completely alien to me sound every day...that is something I cannot get enough of.
    No one ever gave me a problem while I was typing in motel rooms on our roadtrip. One time, I went next door, which was open, to let the resident know I would be using a typewriter, and if it got too loud, just let me know. I even shook his hand and introduced myself. A large, haggard, biker looking individual, he just said 'We don't give a f#ck. Do whatever you want'. Then, of course, he went back to drinking and drugs. Oh, the swanky places we stayed.

    1. The most certianly do. And yes, very much like deer in that they are also highly unpredicatable. I probably passed about 200 live ones on the way up, and near 30 of them strayed in front of my car. Most of them off on a safe distance, but I missed some of them by mear inches. One of them actually skidded on the road, spun around and tapped the my rear bumper as I passed him. Too close.

      A biker hey? I bet they probably made more noise than your typewriter did!

  4. Time for a roo-bar... Also interesting to hear the roads are totally stuffed after all the flooding and heavy vehicle traffic - I don't think they're going to be fixed anytime soon despite mining being the pillar of our economy. Looking forward to more great photos too.

    1. I was pretty consistently reminded of this just outside of Roma, as I kept seeing road train after road train passing me with huge trailers of mining equipment. Other road trains were filled with CSG tanks. The mines are so brazen that it is everywhere. The country side is being torn up at an amazing rate. But more about that later.

      And yes, a Roo bar would have been awesome. I sold my car that had one about a year ago. Now, I have but a large nudge bar - so I was praying I'd hit something straight on if I hit anything at all.