Tuesday 10 July 2012

Photos and thoughts.... n' stuff.

About 5pm today. 

It's been a bit of a miserable Brisbane day, today. People around here are scratching their heads - in wonder as to what nature may be thinking - if not concerned about what nature may do next. Usually in winter we have a blast of cold conditions that are very dry, where we complain a lot about it before we learn to just deal with it. This usually lasts for about 6 weeks.

I personally enjoy those 6 weeks. I get to dress in heavy coats, use scarves and do almost anything without working up a sweat. I still have some awesome clothing from my Melbourne wardrobe that makes me look dashingly smashing in this kind of weather. For the rest of the year I just look like a melting slob.

But it isn't dry right now. Rather, quite far from it. It has rained on and off for around about 5 days. We have had broken periods of sun, followed by just generally overcast conditions with a rolling series of isolated showers. My motorcycle is gathering dust, and my umbrellas have been getting a bit of a workout.

 I'm on a strategic break from work. What this is - is hard to explain, but it essentially means I have taken some of my annual leave allocation in the middle of a period of transition, in order to highlight the skills deficiencies within certain area of a department. I'm doing this for two reasons - firstly because of the politics involved with working in government, and secondly to preserve my own sanity.

I don't like doing this kind of thing. I really wish workplaces could work more harmoniously, with people within their areas of responsibility being considerate of the needs of others.  But it has become necessary to take leave, for a series of reasons which I legally can't discuss in an open forum.

The situation when I get back isn't going to be great either way, as my contract has been dropped to a lower level, and only signed for three months. This isn't related to my performance in my job, but rather just an unfortunate result of government workplace regulation, and of just generally badly managed circumstances.

*   *   *

I've been making plans to head down to Canberra and check out Robert Messenger's exhibition during this break. However as the days progress and money seems to be getting burned through, the money I need to pay for accommodation has been dipped into (and no, the typewriter I just bought from overseas had already been budgeted for - for those who know about that) and I'm not confident that I'm going to be able to do a drive down there - or fly for that matter. It's about 1400km to Canberra (14 hours on the road straight) and if I drove there, and a fair bit longer if I took the route that I really wanted to take, and make something of a road-trip of it. 

I need to get out of Brisbane for a bit, and I've been thinking about my options. I might be able to do Rob's exhibit a little bit later, and I would love to actually catch up with him while I'm there. So it may have to wait. 

I've been nice sitting on the deck just outside and thinking. And while I've been feeling a bit down today, I've sat out on the deck and tapped out a few letters to cheer myself up.

Ahhh the front deck.... 

But it has gotten cooler again tonight, so I've retreated indoors and bloated myself up with a nice  meal of chinese. I do love a good chicken and cashew dish. I've been playing with my camera a bit this afternoon during these rainy conditions, so as such I thought I'd upload a few of the photos on here for all of you to see. So hopefully your broadband connection is conducive to downloading these photos. 

Of course, one of my favourite typers has featured here. My SC Sterling. 

These are a few of my favourite things.... 

My Nissan gets a big service on Thursday, so I'll have a good idea after that as to what kind of trip away from the city I can take. If I get down to Canberra, that'll be great. Otherwise, I think I'll be heading inland to spend some time in a bit of the outback. Naturally my camera and typewriter will be in tow. 

Let's see where the wind takes me. 


  1. Excellent pictures -- what kind of camera are you using? (Please forgive me if you've already mentioned it in a previous post.)

    1. No need to forgive, as I haven't mentioned it previously.

      On this occasion, I was using my Sony Alpha 550.

  2. Very nice photos. Your front deck looks very inviting. I can imagine relaxing there typing away.

    I worked for the government one time -- then I went to work in industry (and still work for the government (taxes))

    1. Thanks Bill. It is usually quite inviting, and I reckon I'll probably spend most of summer there. It only gets the sun at the end of the day, so it'll probably be quite cool.

      I've always worked in the private sector, till I started with Government 3 years ago. Honestly, Terry Gilliam had it right in 'Brazil'.

  3. Great picture of the Sterling with that fantastic lamp (a new object for me to covet).

    1. Thanks Richard. That's I 'Diana' lamp, and was probably Australia's only famous contribution to Art Deco design.

      Unfortunately it has neither the original fitting or lampshade - and fortunately not the original wiring. Although these were only made in Australia (specifically Melbourne) until the start of the second world war, You can find knockoffs made in india all over the world these days - and are usually cast epoxy (mine is bronze).

  4. That deck looks so incredibly cozy!
    Good luck showing your employers just how valuable you are (which is about what I gathered from your summary). Also, I hope fortune shines on you and you are able to make it to Rob's exhibit. I have never once wanted to be in Australia so badly...

    1. Tis cozy. Except it is very soggy right now, as I I gave all the plants a big drink.

      I wish it was as simple as showing my value to my employers. I ran that campaign about 2 weeks ago. Now it is a case of them wanting my skills, but not wanting to pay for it - while someone else benefits from my work that is actually paid for it.

      But, my workplace code of conduct prevents me from really saying any more legally. And as I'm still a contract non-permanant pleb (in government, we have this thing call 'permanency', which means that your position is protected pretty much forever - or at least until the department is shut down) I really need to be cautious about what I say, and about who.